Why BYOB & Cover Charge!

Here's an artice from the HoustonPress that may help understand our concept:
"Lately, I find myself drawn more and more to BYOB restaurants in town, partially because I generally save money when I buy a bottle that isn't marked up to
restaurant prices, and partially because the excitement
of choosing a drink is surpassed only by the
sense of accomplishment and discovery when
I've made a good match."

From: Hoston Press

Question: Why are we charging a cover charge at the new location when we didn't at "Old" Babaloo location?

Answer: Yes, at the "old" location we did not charge a cover but we did have a full liquor bar. We currently are a BYOB - "Proudly Serving Whatever You Bring" Bar . So we all know that BYOB=SavesUMoney!

With that being said, the cover charge helps pay for the band, host/hostess, etc.
Because we love great music and great bands, the cover charge will bring amazing entertainers like Rudy y Grupo Kache, Grupo Latitude, Son Jaleo, etc.